Routine in Halfway House and How It Helps You Transform

Our bodies have a certain rhythm. They work well in routine. Yes, there are times when you may get bored with routine and need a break. But once again, you must come back to routine. A life without a routine can go haywire and create a negative impact on physical and mental health.

Halfway houses apply the same logic. That’s why every house has a routine. You must wake up, sleep, eat, and do other activities at a fixed time every day.

Some of you might wonder: doing the same thing every day can invite monotony.

That’s not true. Here, we are talking about doing things on time, but not necessarily doing the same thing daily.

Let’s understand it better.

Sleep routine

Suppose you are in a house that has the rule to wake up at 6:00 am daily. The lights are out at 10:00 am every night. Will this bore you?

According to doctors, this won’t bore you. On the other hand, this will improve your health, as your body will come in a specific rhythm. It is an established fact that erratic sleeping and waking times can take a toll on physical and mental health.

Sleep timetable improves cognitive function and wards off blues. It keeps you energetic. This will help you in staying sober. Remember, you still must fight those cravings that seem to crop up once in a while.

Meal routine

Malnourishment is one of the problems of ex-addicts. During active addiction days, you hardly cared about eating. Drugs also suppress the appetite. Now that you are in a halfway house in Minnesota, you must eat well and on time.

Every house has a fixed eating time. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at fixed times. Each meal is nutritious. If you have nutritional deficiencies, you will be prescribed supplements. You must talk to your rehab doctor and let the house officials know about this.

Routine for recreation

Yes, there has to be a fixed time to be free! You can’t roam around free at any time in a house. There are meetings, group discussions, and therapy sessions to attend. Certain houses also conduct meditation programs, educational classes, and other such activities. You must attend them and be in the session on time.

Inmates get a couple of hours free every day to do their own thing. And this DOES NOT include doing drugs or alcohol!

During your free time, you can pursue your hobbies or just spend some “me” time or simply catch some sleep. So you see, there is no monotony. Certain houses also allow the inmates to go out during this time. Some houses let you visit friends and family. Every house has its own policy in this regard.

While you search for “halfway houses near me” and join one, know the rules and policies of the house to become familiar with the environment.

Result of routine

Routine re-wires your brain. Your brain gets programmed as per the new routine. Routine helps when you must learn a new habit, in this case, staying sober.