Samsung TV as NFT Gateway? New Television for Digital Art Trading, Purchasing, Exploring, To Arrive!

Samsung TV could soon become the NFT gateway. The manufacturer’s advanced televisions allow users to explore non-fungible tokens much more efficiently.


Before the opening night of the IFA consumer electronics trade fair in Berlin, Germany on August 28, 2008, a man views large-screen flat panel LCD TV monitors at Samsung’s stand. The IFA will be open from August 29 to September 3.

New TV product lines will be prepared with Nifty Gateway technology, as announced by the announcement of the collaboration.

The new Samsung partner will also offer its own app for The Frame or MICROLED deals.

Samsung TV as NFT Gateway?

According to The Verge, the partnership between Samsung and Nifty gateway will result in new NFT TV models which will allow consumers to trade, buy, and explore digital artworks made with cryptocurrency.


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A man views a display of flat-panel Samsung televisions at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 1.5 million-square foot electronic gadget show will run from Thursday through Sunday. It is expected to attract more than 120,000 people.

 Also read: Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 Sports 1080p webcam, 21-hours-LONG battery life, and more “Nifty Gateway was founded by Duncan Cock Foster. Its mission is to make NFTs accessible to a billion people. 

 PR Newswire.

Foster said that NFTs will be made more accessible. Their new partnership with Apple competitor is expected to make that possible.

You can display NFTs with the Samsung NFT TVs. However, Nifty Gateway has strict rules regarding selling digital artworks based on crypto.

However, NFTs are not a problem. Samsung stated that the TVs will display non-fungible token artwork exactly as the artist intended. This was possible by optimising settings to ensure efficient renderings.

What NFT Consumers can Expect

Nifty Gateway is currently one of the top NFT platforms on the blockchain market. The digital auction platform will soon offer an entirely new NFT collection experience thanks to the new partnership.

Here are some things to expect from the latest Samsung partnership if you are a Samsung customer and also are interested in the growing non-fungible token market.

  • There are many options for NFT payments. These include digital coins and credit cards.

  • Nifty Gateway’s platform allows consumers to have digital artworks that are legal. NFTs created through Nifty Gateway’s platform can be legitimate digital artworks.

  • Nifty Gateway will also provide its Omnibus wallet that allows you to store NFTs purchased in crypto wallets.

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