Shifting the Landscape of African Fashion | In conversation with Ruth Isabella Peters

Everyone knows the job description of a talent scout. They go into the schools and look for youngsters to be groomed, trained and taught. Ultimately, to become the next big star in their industry. But have you ever heard of a Fashion scout? One could argue that Fashion Editor at Farfetch and Poet Ruth Isabella Peters is precisely that.

It all started as a personal interest in fashion and a passion for change which has turned into her full-time job. Within a year, Peters has elevated multiple designers to an international status. When it comes to finding talented designers, Ruth Isabella Peters is the literal G.O.A.T.

Her background as an editor for the largest online platform for luxury has played a major role in developing her sharp eye.Ruth Isabella Peters

“It has always been my dream to make others see Africa the way I see it”, the Editor says. She adds, “we have so many sustainable designers on this continent who create pieces that don’t receive enough global recognition – I want to change that.”

Peters has sat on multiple panels, educating on the necessity of Black representation in Fashion, as well as hosting inclusivity workshops at Balenciaga and Farfetch to erase biases about Africa.

Today, she acts as a bridge between the world of traditional Western fashion and helps established designers in Africa to reach an international audience.