Snow in France likely thanks to polar winds

The last few days have been marked by exceptional mildness (winter heatwave) with many records to boot. The 25 degree mark has even been crossed in the southwest of the country. For those who were on vacation in the Basque Country in particular, they were able to enjoy a very pleasant winter mild.

If the mildness will continue for a few more hours, a sudden change is expected between Tuesday and Wednesday with the invasion of polar air from the north of the country from the middle of the week. Good news, however, this arrival of polar air will allow the return of snow at very low altitude – excellent news for winter sports resorts!

A disturbance therefore concerns this Monday morning the regions of the north-west with rains between Brittany, Normandy and the Pays de la Loire. Over a large northern half, the sky is overcast. Some showers are possible along the northeastern borders. In the south, the weather is calmer and above all drier. The sun shines generously between the Pyrenees, the Southern Alps, the Mediterranean rim and Corsica.

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This afternoon, the disturbance will reach the regions located north of the Loire with rains. The westerly wind will be sensitive with gusts from the southwest to 50/60 km / h. South of a Bordeaux – Lyon line, the weather will remain calm and rather pleasant with a hazy sky. Clouds will remain few from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean.

Temperatures are still just as mild and well above seasonal norms. The 20 degree mark will probably be crossed again this afternoon at the foot of the Pyrenees. Biarritz should display around twenty degrees in the middle of the afternoon under a beautiful sun. Under the rains of the disturbance, the mildness will also be marked with 12 ° C in Brest, 13 ° C in Paris and 14 ° C in Nantes and Bourges.

On Tuesday, a new disturbance will reach France and bring rains between the southwest and the northeast. Under this disturbance, strong gusts of wind are possible with peaks at 70/80 km / h in the land. The weather will still be fine and the clearings generous between the Pyrenees and the Alps. Low clouds could be numerous over the Mediterranean regions.

Wednesday, the disturbance of the day before will bring snowfall at low altitude on the reliefs of the east and on the Pyrenees. The clearings will return to the northwest. Temperatures will drop from the day before, often 5 to 7 degrees cooler in just 24 hours.

Thursday, the weather will be calm and the sky often clear before the arrival of a disturbance during the day by the coasts of the English Channel. Under clear skies overnight, frosts are expected to be plentiful Thursday morning.

Friday, the disturbance that arrived the day before will have slipped towards the eastern regions and will still bring snow at low altitude on the reliefs. The sunny spells will be interspersed with showers in the northwestern areas.

The next weekend will remain unstable with a sky divided between clouds, clearings and showers. Snow showers will affect all the reliefs. Temperatures will remain within seasonal norms with highs often between 8 and 10 degrees from north to south. You will understand, after this period of great mildness, winter will resume its rights this week!