Sports Clips-A great hair experience for men and boys

For 25 years, sports clips have set the new trend in men’s fashion. Their sports-themed atmosphere has made them a world-renowned salon. Entrepreneur magazine has recognized the franchise as a top 10 franchise from 500 franchises. Gardon Logan is the founder of sports clips started in 1993 in Austin. He had great experience operating salons in Texas for more than a decade.

The concept behind building this franchise was to provide men with a comfortable environment. Everything had been designed with men’s preferences in mind, from sports clips interiors to entertainment. This article will review sports clips and why this place is a must to go for males. Don’t miss out on this article if you plan on visiting sports clips.

What is the price of essential services in sports clips?

Sports Clips is pretty reasonable for some essential services; however, if you plan to get an expensive hairstyle, you will likely have to pay a little extra, so check their website to find out. You’ll pay around 19 dollars for haircuts, shampooing, neck trimming, beard massage, hot facial towel, and neck-shoulder.

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It is a little bit higher in price than other salons. Still, a franchise that provides some luxurious services such as a sports theme and a list of sports events along with a giant LED in the waiting room, an adjustable shampoo station for taller people, and many more is well worth your penny.

Sports clips packages and other services 

There is a wide variety of sports clips services, starting at 19$ with the most expensive service being 36$. Here are some of the services that sports clips offer.

A list of sports clips services has been compiled from 19 to 36 dollars.

  • All-Star Treatment add-on 
  • Buzzcut
  • Jr. Varsity haircut
  • Triple play
  • Bang trim
  • Triple MVP
  • Detail haircut
  • Double MVP
  • Beard detailing
  • Sr. Varsity haircut
  • Varsity haircut
  • Double MVP
  • The triple play package
  • The MVP package

What do you get in packages of sports clips?

  • The Triple Play package is a great deal for the money. It includes an excellent haircut, steamed towel treatment, and shampoo scalp massage that are sure to make you feel refreshed. You can double or triple this service by adding $5-$10 extra.
  • You can get a spa-like experience at home with the MVP package. It includes an entire salon’s worth of services for just one price, including haircut and conditioning treatment. Plus, you’re getting everything three times as long if it costs extra that is value in my opinion because who doesn’t love discounts?

What are varsity haircuts in sports clips?

Sport Clips have a unique name for their haircuts, “Varsity,” which can be enjoyed by seniors, children, and adults. There is a discounted price for these services in most chain locations depending on your age with senior discounts available only at certain stores that have an ‘elder belt’ around them.

Sport Clips offers a variety of precision haircuts for all types and textures. These specially-engineered cuts take your natural hair patterns into account with ease, so you can get the best look possible.

Varsity hairstyles are designed to make the most of your hair by giving you various styles and lengths. They can be scissors, clippers, or both depending on what look they’re going for but one thing is sure: varsities aren’t just meant as an extra boost when it comes time to put together cool combos.

Sports Clips organizes Annual events for businesses.

The Sport Clips Huddle is an annual event where store managers and franchise owners interact for the company’s culture of togetherness, teamwork & communication among all members. 

This networking session crosses state lines which makes it essential because one cannot survive without business connections or support from outside sources such as family members who may not live nearby anymore due to changeover within communities over time (i..e newer residents might prefer different brands.

Sports clips care for everyone.

Logan knows that Command Performance was the worst experience of his life, but he hasn’t let it stop him. He enforced strict policies for store appearance and products used when welcoming new branches to avoid any outbreaks between franchisor-franchisees like what happened there.

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Logan also cares about maintaining peace among all customers, even if they’re not buying anything. For example, Sport clips won’t take money from suppliers‘ mandatory items such as shampoo or styling gel which means its locations must accept these things at cost plus overhead just like everything else but this way, everyone gets along better than ever before.

Sports clips Website 

Sport Clips is all about the boy scouts. The page layout has an appealing, youthful style with red and white colors perfect for middle-grade readers who love sports.

The franchise follows the Lou Holtz football coaching school, which means a company with an “old-school” mentality. They believe in doing their best and karma their philanthropic activities reflect this too.

Supports community 

Sport Clips doesn’t hold back when it comes to supporting the community. They are always looking for ways to help others in need, and this year was no different. For three days during September, clients who donated blood received one of many coupons good towards any service at their store.


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