SW418 Sabong All you need to know about this website

Fighting games are most popular among teens; this new website, SW418, allows people to enjoy, play and bet on fighting games. We have compiled all the information you need to know about SW418. This website is Philippines-based, but viewers and players worldwide enjoy unusual fighting games, but the most popular game among players is cockfighting. 

What Is Sabong?

Cockfighting is called Sabong in the Philippines, and it’s a significant source of entertainment for people; it’s conducted under the supervision of the government and is legal in the Philippines, but due to covid and lockdown situations, matches couldn’t take place. This got into the idea of creating an online platform where people can watch, play or bet on live matches any time and of any region. In addition, they are rewarding players with GCash for winning any game. Due to this unique, rewarding method, players are more interested in playing and betting for long hours.

Sw418 Registration And Login

SW418 offers simple and easy registration by creating an account on https// After gaining access, you can see unlimited games on the website; all of them are listed. This online gaming platform offers numerous games regardless of time or region with an easy login method. 

The number of new gamers and viewers on the website is increasing day by day, although the website domain hasn’t completed one year. 

Features Of Sw418 Sabong:

As the world went into lockdown and all the outside entertainment modes closed, everything tried to move towards online platforms. Similarly, Sabong lovers made a perfect platform for the viewers and players to keep everyone entertained during the lockdown. We are discussing some exciting features of SW418: 

Firstly, this website provides a platform to play, watch, and earn Sabong (that is, cockfighting) as 100+ matches occur in a day. 

They regularly update their website’s protection, so you don’t need to be afraid of data-stealing bots.

Registration and login are relatively easy to go through with your email and contact number.

You can win GCash multiple times as you watch these matches and place bets.

According to some sources, Sabong is verified and legally played under government supervision; Sw418 is also part of them.

All the derbies who conduct these matches are registered.

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Sw418 Fake Or Real? 

Sabong is popular in the Philippines and nearby countries, thanks to this online platform now known worldwide. The legitimacy of this website is still under question by many people. We are mentioning some pros and cons.


Sw418 provides an online live and safe platform to watch matches and place bets.

Privacy isn’t a concern because website updates regularly to eliminate threats to players’ data. 

Registration is done by email and phone, so any login message on the given contact number.

Registered and verified derbies only conduct matches. 


SW418 has gained an immense amount of players despite the domain is new, which makes people doubt the authenticity of this platform. 

The rewarding method that winners get the cash prize also creates hesitation among the viewers.

Furthermore, there is insufficient information on this website on many legit review pages. Few scam detectors also show a percentage of 39 to 58% of scams.

These are some factors that create doubts in gamers’ minds.

Whether fake or real, the intense cockfighting game engages much playmaking Making money out of it every day. To catch the concept, make yourself register on this website. Maybe you can win the cash too.

What Is The Hype Of Sw418 All About?

Although fighting games have been famously part of multiple online gaming platforms, what makes SW418 different, what is the hype all about? 

Cockfighting was introduced live and online by SW418, and since then, there has been no looking back. Players have been addicted to this intense and unusual cockfighting for several hours, and winning a cash prize plus registration is easy for everyone, causing increased popularity among players in several parts of the world.

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What Makes SW418 Stand Out

Gamers always try to find a new variety of addictive matches, and SW418 has a long list of discrete fighting games, including cockfighting, which makes SW418 stand out in the crowd. 

They even have released an Android version of their website to easily enjoy it on their cellphones. 


People are enjoying sabong and other fighting matches on SW418. It doesn’t let you feel bored at any part of these matches, although it genuinely is not understandable. You can also register and enjoy these matches if privacy isn’t your concern much because who knows how long they last, and one should try it for once!

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