Taking Advantage of Connecticut’s 30% Film Tax Credit, Chair 10 Productions Has Launched Its piCT Initiative

At the center of the filming industry right now is Connecticut, thanks to its 30% film tax credit. On top of this the state is home to breathtaking locations perfect for filming, as well as endless talent in the industry.

All these attributes of the Nutmeg state were the foundation for Chair 10 Productions to launch the Productions in Connecticut (piCT) Initiative. This initiative draws film and TV shows to Connecticut. As well as the tax credit, Connecticut also offers a 20% infrastructure investment tax credit for entertainment-related facilities. This to encourage these production companies to invest in the local film industry in the state of Connecticut.

Chair 10 Productions is Connecticut’s premier production services company. Chair 10 helps to support projects that are filming all over Connecticut.

As well as this Chair 10 provides consulting services for productions, including physical production, crew, locations, vendors and tax credit advising. Its aim is to be a key support in Connecticut’s entertainment industry. The production services company wants to be an ambassador for incoming filming productions, to welcome producers, executives and film crews to make them feel right at home in Connecticut.

For Chair 10, it is important for them to make filming projects coming to Connecticut feel supported throughout their production to allow them to achieve their overall vision – be it movie, tv show or documentary.

Jonathan Black (Odd Man Rush) and Lauren Black (“The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals”) are the married powerhouse couple who founded Chair 10. They both have over 40 plus years experience under their belts in the entertainment industry as producers.

By way of its piCT initiative, Chair 10 is on a mission to attract major productions to Connecticut.  Thanks to its location right in the middle of New York, Boston and Philadelphia, Connecticut  offers a range of diverse locations for filming projects. These include private homes, historic buildings, picturesque landscape, cityscapes and more.

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Chair 10 explains how “We aim to treat all of our clients, vendors and crew like family. While we understand that entertainment is a business, we believe valuing people and relationships ultimately helps the bottom line, and aim to find the perfect balance between creative vision and financial concerns while making sure the people behind the production are well taken care of.”

The production company aims to have numerous soundstages, a solid crew base on top of having the tax credit. Not only does this make taking your filming project to Connecticut profitable, but also an incentive for studios to return again for other productions.

Not aimed at profits, Chair 10 aims to be a completely different production company that ensures the production crew is taken care of and provided with a good working environment.

“We are in talks with high-level partners to bring big-budget projects here, and with the state to provide the infrastructure to support those projects,” Jonathan Black said.

Chair 10 is aimed at turning Connecticut into a hub for filming for many many years to come.

For more information, visit their website www.chair10productions.com