Tesla Officially Opens Gigafactory in Texas to Start Production of Cybertruck

Tesla’s new factory is set to produce the Mode Y SUV. The Texas gigafactory will produce the electric Cybertruck in 2023. This has been delayed since 2019.

Tesla opens Gigafactory at Austin, Texas

The Texas plant is the fourth of the company’s four assembly plants. According to Verge, the announcement was made after Tesla had opened a plant near Berlin in Germany.

The new factory will allow the automaker to increase its production in order to meet the expectations of higher sales.

After a fierce battle between the states for their business, Tesla chose Austin, Texas over Tulsa in Oklahoma to build its second factory in America.

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After clashing with officials from California, the automaker announced that it would relocate its headquarters to Austin.

Rumours circulated that the “Cyber Rodeo” event, which was held at the Austin factory’s opening, could have been a new update on the Tesla electric Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck will be available in 2021 and would retail for around $39,900. The vehicle’s triple motor, all-wheel-drive version costs $69,000.

Tesla took the pricing, trims and specifications of the electric vehicle from its website in 2021. Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, stated that the Cybertruck would not be delivered in 2022.

During Musk’s speech to open the Texas factory, a new Cybertruck was seen on the stage. The door handles were taken out and side mirrors and additional headlights were added.

Musk stated that handles were unnecessary because the vehicle will detect if its owner is present and will open automatically.

Musk also stated that a Tesla robotaxi would be available in the future, but he didn’t reveal any further details.

Despite having little product news and vehicles such as the Tesla Cybertruck and Semi already experiencing long delays, Tesla CEO focused his attention on the need for the factory.

Musk, a black cowboy cap and sunglasses adorned with his words, said that Texas is the best place for them to be big.

Musk stated that the company would set goals, something no other automaker has ever done. According to Reuters, he didn’t specify the targets.

The Biggest Tesla Texas Factory Yet

Tesla claimed that Austin could house up to 15,000 people. Due to anticipated traffic, one local school district let students leave early.

The event began with a drone light display, which included representations of Tesla cars.

Tesla enthusiasts described their journey from California and Rhode Island to attend the event. According to CNN some Tesla fans traveled for 30 hours to Austin in order to attend the event.

Musk was announced as the latest shareholder of Twitter, and he went around the globe to open Tesla gigafactories.

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