How to explain the coronavirus to a child? Regardless of the detailed sources and explanations about COVID-19, there’s a huge challenge to transfer the knowledge to our children. Meanwhile, the group of age is also exposed to the same virus. At this point, there’s a strong need to provide explanations in an age-appropriate method. Sana Bakhsh apparently has the solution with her book titled “THE ABCD OF CORONAVIRUS”. Instead of presenting a theoretical explanation, Sana Bakhsh tells a story. 

Sana Bakhsh
Sana Bakhsh

A Practical Guide

The book can be used as a practical guide for parents, teachers, sitters, or elders to teach children about the plague and precautions. So, it’s not a straightforwardly storybook but also a guide for these teachers. The storyline is designed to help children ages 5-16 to comprehend and come to terms with COVID-19.  The good news is for the teacher as this book is pretty much a storybook with fewer technical aspects that might complicate the application.

It can be used by either teacher in schools or parents at home to teach kids about coronavirus.  It can act as a guide for adults or as a complimentary educational reference about plague and precautions.


The ABCD covers pretty much everything that children in the group age need to understand about the coronavirus disease. As you might have known, it’s very important to fully comprehend this new virus including how it can infect us and how we can protect ourselves against it. A partial understanding could be even more dangerous than zero knowledge about this virus.

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The book focuses on two fundamental elements of the coronavirus: the plague and precautions, instead of emphasizing one aspect only. These would ensure a comprehensive understanding of COVID-19. In fact, if we want to properly teach our kids about this virus, these two elements are inseparable. That’s exactly what Sana Bakhsh elaborate in this book and you can simply follow the guide.

Sana Bakhsh elaborate
Sana Bakhsh elaborate

On the other hand, it has an element of a “Call to Action” that can persuade children to follow the precautions and health protocols. Teachers or parents can use this element as their reference to give better explanations and/or instructions regarding COVID 19.

Easy to Understand

More importantly, Sana Bakhsh makes this book very easy to understand by taking the story approach. The author certainly did a great job in translating the complexity into narrative-explanative content. The dictions are carefully picked and arranged to accommodate.

However, while the author targets a wider range of ages, the involvement of teachers, parents, or adults is required. They need to read the ABCD for children who aren’t able to read yet in a more attentive way.


THE ABCD OF CORONAVIRUS is one of few books currently available in the market that provides a guide to teaching children about the plague and precautions.  It allows teachers, parents, and adults to provide a better understanding of coronavirus to children aged 5-16. The book is quite practical, comprehensive, and easy to understand. It does a great job in terms of helping adults transfer knowledge and call-to-action about coronavirus. 

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