The Celebrity Artist/Manager Qadada The God

Qadada The God is an American rapper and talent manager from Columbus, OH. He is making a lot of success in West Hollywood, CA as he continues to make his mark in one of the most competitive industries (music/entertainment). The multi-talented mogul is the owner of Quality Too Good Management, LLC (a multi-management company). Qadada Lindsay better known as “Qadada The God” has produced countless records for major and local artist. Starting music professionally as early as 11 years old Qadada The God was apart of a viral local group sensation (TeamSmash) in the early 2010s. Today Qadada The God is taking his experience to help other artist and companies to fulfill their dreams. 

Qadada The God is always creating for the future and that shows with his new company Millennial Hip Hop (D.B.A) under QTG MANAGEMENT™️. Millennial Hip Hop is a publishing company for podcast, blogs, articles, and news to give all artists and businesses notoriety. Millennial Hip Hop is also a movement and way of life through Hip Hop. The company will teach millennials the history of Hip Hop, how to be successful, how to take care of their neighborhoods, and the people around them. Millennial Hip Hop wants to give back to the communities of the United States by way of donations, festivals, and programs for the youth.

Mr. Lindsay has made his national mark as he has traveled all over the United States. Making his home in West Hollywood, CA the talented entrepreneur has been spreading his companies nationwide through partnerships and team building. Qadada The God has plans to open his offices throughout the United States with three locations outside of the country. He is looking for investors and other companies to help him with his vision. Quality Too Good Management is worth $300,000 annually and growing. With so much potential its no doubt there is a new sheriff in town.

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Qadada The God is a great businessman that will help anyone that needs his services and expertise yet I think his fans would like to hear some new music. It’s been a long time since the “Boss Talk”, “Play It Backwards” rapper has released any music. The amazing producer has plans to create a powerful studio album with his artist. The album will consist of his elite and pro level artist such as Boss Champs, TahnikaKeyshay, Rudill, Prada Roe, MelloMatic, MFN Payne, and more. This will be a ground breaking album for him and his company. This will also help his artist gain notoriety on the west coast and through the United States.

Qadada The God is truly for the people as he is now doing online consultations, master classes, and more to help artist and companies to further their dreams. This young CEO has his finger on the pulse of this generation and is accepted by the greats before him. With a old school swagger it’s no doubt Qadada The God also known as Mr. Lindsay is a student and teacher of the game. His expertise has helped a lot of artist and companies around the globe

About Qadada The God:

Qadada The God (Qadada Lindsay). Born September 29, 1996, Columbus, OH. American rapper, Talent manager, producer, Audio engineer, founder, owner, CEO of Quality Too Good Management, LLC.