To Fight The Commercial Real Estate Shortage, McMurray Stern Brings Its Solution Of Simple Storage To Increase Your Location’s Capacity

McMurray Stern, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, has always put creating solutions for their customers as the main objective of their business, ever since the company was founded over 40 years ago.

McMurray Stern have partnered with businesses, manufacturers, distributors, and customers to provide storage solutions for every need. The company’s custom storage systems and solutions accommodate all industries and various types of projects due to their versatile, heavy-duty designs. 

McMurray Stern built its reputation on a fully integrated design build process that ensures projects are professionally managed from concept to execution. Each project is managed by a factory-trained team responsible for design, order placement, planning, site meetings, installation, and service and maintenance.

In a time where commercial real estate is getting snapped up at an all time high, and shortages for space continue to rise, McMurray Stern seeks to address this issue and provide a solution to its customer base.

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One of these solutions comes in the form of McMurray Stern’s Day Use & Personal Lockers. The company’s personal Storage Lockers allow employees and officers to configure and customize their storage for their unique needs. A wide array of accessories accommodate weapons, uniforms, equipment, and electronics. Additions such as retractable benches, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) integration, and in-locker electronic charging create even more convenience and functionality.

McMurray Stern’s Storage Lockers were one of the key solutions when LAX carried out its $14.5 billion renovation last year. LAX was looking for modernized storage solutions that would offer additional personal storage space and better organization for employees, airport security, and travelers. 

The goal was to increase personal security and productivity in multiple spaces throughout the airport. McMurray Stern’s role in LAX’s massive modernization efforts focused primarily on the design and installation of more than 1,200 personal storage lockers with multi-tier configurations, built in bench drawers, and electrical components. These were installed in multiple rooms and floors of the Airport Police Facility.

At the height of the global pandemic, hospitals were hit with the issue of seeking to manage their storage solutions, as their space became overwhelmed with an increase in hospital beds being used.

To help combat this issue, hospitals used McMurray Stern’s Hospital Bed Lift, a cost-effective way to store and access spare hospital beds including those requiring maintenance or cleaning. The lift was ideal for hospitals and other medical fields. The storage solution takes hospital beds off the floor and stacks them securely in a vertical arrangement. The Hospital Bed Lift not only saved valuable floor space, but also removed potential fire hazards from the hospital corridors, adding critical seconds back into patient care.

Understanding how rapidly museum collections grow, McMurray Stern’s high-density mobile shelving systems ensure secure museum storage in optimal spaces. Think about it as a way to store far more items in less space. Designed to meet the specific needs of a facility and adapt for future changes, these secure cabinets include locking glass doors, drawer systems, and additional custom features. They are approved and proven for museum and archival institution use, with solvent-free, non-reactive baked polyester powder coating.

Kenny DeAngelis, CEO of McMurray Stern, explained how companies “should embrace technology” and that you have “to be nimble and make decisions quickly.”

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