TYLER KING – The Voice from Prison

They say “life is what we make of it” and “when life gives us lemons, we make lemonades.” The saying has never been so true as it is in the case of Tyler King. A lot of times, we go through life challenges, beaten down, desolate, ad relegated to the back seat. But what we do with and in our frustration is entirely up to us.

Tyler King shows us how it is done and how we can soar even in unfortunate predicaments. This is the story about Tyler King, a man changing his world and beyond as a constitutional rights criminal justice reform activist from within the four walls of a federal prison.

About Tyler King

Tyler King grew up a pretty normal kid. Born to middle-class parents who were faithful Christians, he lived a decent life, attending Ivy League schools and growing up to start successful companies as a young entrepreneur ad serving his country by joining the military.

Unfortunately, things took a downward slide for Tyler King when he helped tutor someone in the science of administrative tools for computers. Unknown to him, they went ahead to use the knowledge maliciously, illegally hacking into their boss’ email to expose confidential messages relating to a pending sexual harassment suit.

In the fight for his innocence and the determination to prove the same, Tyler refused to concede without a fair trial. In return, he was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for only teaching how to use computers. The culprit in question testified for the government and got off the hooks.

This began the beginning of a journey for the greater fight for justice.

A Voice from Prison

To encourage himself and others found in the same dilemma as him, Tyler King started a nonprofit in 2021 from behind bars – A Voice from Prison – which aims to reveal the truth about the country’s criminal justice system and fight for the cause of change and workable reforms.

A Voice from Prison blog is committed to telling the plain truth as it is with the criminal justice system enlightening victims of injustice and the general public about the frailties and weaknesses of the country’s justice system through his and others’ experiences as inmates in federal prison.

The organization also goes a step further to provide legal aid and counsel, and other resources in the fight against criminal injustice. Tyler King also puts his vast knowledge of business and entrepreneurship to good use by offering free lessons on entrepreneurship to inmates through his organization.

Partnering to Save Lives

Knowing that the fight to rectify wrongs that have eaten deep to the roots of the system cannot be done by one person alone, Tyler King and the entire team of A Voice from Prison are calling on individuals passionate about justice and causing a change in the dilapidating system to partner and collaborate with the organization to achieve the sole aim of upholding justice. You too can help make a difference and, together with Tyler King, who is the pioneer of the cause, give a voice to the voiceless.

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