Visual Voicemail is Currently Unavailable, How to Fix

Several customers have said that they’re not able to apply Visual Voicemail and that they get an blunders message saying “Visual Voicemail is presently unavailable” with a button saying “Call Voicemail” after they need to test their Visual Voicemail messages. This is an essential trouble due to the fact you may now no longer be capable of get entry to your voicemails till you repair it. This article explains what you may do to repair it. Please attempt the stairs below. After attempting every step, earlier than persevering with the subsequent step, attempt to test your voicemails again. Update your iPhone Please make sure that your iPhone has the cutting-edge model of iOS. If now no longer, replace your tool. Here is how you may test for updates and if needed, how you may replace: Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your tool will test for updates. If there may be an replace, faucet Download and Install after which comply with the onscreen instructions. Airplane Mode This can repair your trouble quickly. Please comply with the stairs below: On your iPhone, open the Settings app. Turn on Airplane Mode. Wait some seconds. Turn off Airplane Mode. Now open the Phone app and attempt to test your voicemails. Is it operating now? If now no longer, do that now, that is barely different: Turn on Airplane Mode. Restart your iPhone. After restarting, open the Settings app after which flip off Airplane Mode. Change your voicemail password Some customers have stated that converting the voicemail password fixes this trouble. Here is how you may do this: Go to Settings > Phone > and scroll down after which Change Voicemail Password. Enter a brand new password and press Done. You could be requested to re-input the identical password, input and press Done. Now open the Phone app and test to look if you may see your voicemails now. Reset community settings If the Airplane Mode tip does now no longer remedy this problem for you, you can need to reset your community settings. Please be aware that while you reset your community settings, all your networking-associated records, inclusive of Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings, could be erased. However, your records inclusive of your photos, apps, messages, files, or videos, could be kept. To reset your community settings, in your iPhone, visit Settings > General > Reset and faucet Reset Network Settings and comply with the onscreen instructions. If you’re nevertheless having this trouble, you can need to touch your service. Visual Voicemail is a service feature. There can be a community trouble.

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