Review, Safe? Legal? Legit? Alternatives?

Watchcartoononline have played a crucial role in almost everyone’s childhood. Depiction of imaginary characters with a story helps the person forget everything around them for a moment. We are discussing a newly famous website, known for its collection of cartoons and anime! 

About watchcartoononline: 

Watchcartoononline is a website created to collect all the cartoons and anime to binge-watch in a single place. When the covid restrictions held, people started exploring their nostalgic moments, some of which included the favorite childhood cartoons, which led them to this fantastic website because all of the known comics were available in a single place in high quality. You don’t need to watch it on TV channels; log into watchcartoonsonline and enjoy your time.


Anime is a Japanese take on cartoons; anime is mainly in the Japanese language. Anime is also one of the most-watched shows all around the world. Watchcartoonsonline also has a massive collection of anime; they also offer it in numerous languages. You can find them dubbed or subbed, whatever you prefer.

Key features of watchcartoononline:

We will discuss all the features displayed by watchcartoononline below: 

  1. User interface is easily accessible, well organized UI design helps you to go through desired sections.
  2. Watchcartoonsonline have massive library of anime, cartoons covering all the genre.
  3. Several content is categorized, including subbed anime, dubbed anime, ova series, recent releases, popular release, cartoons etc.
  4. Introduced a new feature of daily recommendation for those who have no idea where to start.
  5. Simple, free and fast streaming platform.
  6. Website is timely updated with new releases.
  7. HD and SD quality stream support.
  8. Website displays multiple ads but now they have become less disturbing, rarely interrupting during streaming.

Quality attributes of Watchcartoononline: 

We all want to know the reasons why people love to stream on this website. We are listing some of the quality attributes of Watchcartoononline;

No subscription required: 

Many of the well known websites ask for subscription to watch quality content but Watchcartoononline is providing a platform which requires no subscription, you can watch your favorite cartoon without a problem.

Limitless streaming: 

Numerous famous websites have a limit on the persons watching on account but watchcartoononline is offering limitless streaming. Anyone can stream now as long as they like. 

High image and sound quality: 

One can easily differentiate between the quality provided on the other streaming websites and on watchcartoononline. Watchcartoonsonline provides an excessive high image and sound quality which makes it famous among the cartoon and anime lovers.

Accept requests from the customers: 

Watchcartoonsonline love to hear from their loyal customers and even accept requests for any new series they want to stream on the website. Watchcartoonsonline value the opinion of their customers and that is why it’s known among cartoon and anime lovers.

Is this website free? 

Yes, watchcartoonsonline is entirely free for everyone. You can enjoy your favorite cartoons and anime at any time and anywhere in the world. Usually, websites are not free and always charge for some extra services, but watchcartoonsonline has made it free so that no one misses a chance to explore their favorite show.

Why watchcartoonsonline is not working?

Although watchcartoononline is a beautiful website for cartoon and anime lovers, sometimes it’s not working; due to immense traffic the servers crash. They also have changed their domains multiple times to avoid copyrights and legal battles. This time around, it’s running under the domain of

Watchcartoonsonline is safe for kids? 

As watchcartoonsonline is a cartoon and anime website, the primary audience is kids. The question most asked is watchcartoonsonline is safe for kids. The answer given by multiple scam and virus detecting websites is that it’s safe as long as you use adblocker or pop-up blockers. Because their source of earning is by these ads, and pop-ups, although they are not intrusive. 

Can we download shows from watchcartoononline website?

Yes, you can easily download the complete shows from watchcartoononline, but you have to subscribe first. After completing the subscription, you can download any show you want and watch non-stop. But websites like these can upload viruses during download; we can never know the owner’s intent. So be careful while using these kinds of websites.

Multiple hacking attempts have taken place in the past, and they lost a significant amount of data to hackers. Now they are trying to update their security measures to secure their servers.

Do they have an Android app? 

Watchcartoonsonline has introduced an application for Android mobile phones. Now you can download the apk file of watchcartoononline and be entertained anywhere you go.

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Although some problems may arise with the apk file, when the file is downloaded, it will show unknown source download incomplete on screen. So you have to visit the webpage and in settings allow download from unknown sources other than Google play store. Now you can download the file without any error.

Is this website legal?

As watchcartoononline is offering multiple cartoons and anime in a single place, it is usually without the owner’s consent, causing copyright infringement, making this website illicit. When the owner knows about it, they request content removal. Watchcartoononline does listen to the owner’s request and remove the content sometimes.

It is strongly preferred to use VPN when using these websites to avoid any mishap.

Why is watchcartoonsonline server down?

Nowadays, watchcartoononline’s server has been down frequently. Several hours of downtime reasons include an increase in traffic on the website, copyright claims by owners, tightening rules by the government. Multiple countries have banned this website URL, but people use VPN to watch.

Some best alternatives for watchcartoonsonline: 

As the website servers are mostly down, we are discussing some of the best alternatives of watchcartoonsonline, so you don’t miss a beat!

  1. Crunchy Roll
  2. Disney Junior 
  3. KissAnime
  4. Cartoon Network
  5. Cartoon Crazy 
  6. 9Anime 
  7. Nickelodeon
  8. AnimeRhino 
  9. Cartoon On
  10. YouTube

Crunchy Roll: 

Crunchy roll is considered as one the best-known alternatives to watchcartoonsonline. This website is American based offers quality stream and authentic content to surf. Like watchcartoonsonline you can search, stream or download any show you want; it consists of links from where you can watch any cartoons or anime you desire.

They also provide other features, including complimentary premium subscription, uninterrupted streaming, etc.

Disney Junior: 

Disney has always been an essential part of our childhood as far as we remember. We can always expect the best from them; similar goes for the Disney junior. Their website is kid-friendly and colorful. They have a vast collection of cartoon movies and shows, giving an ultimate opportunity to binge-watch them all.


Again, KissAnime is hands down a great alternative to watchcartoonsonline. Their collection is vast and alphabetically arranged. You can even choose from subbed, dubbed versions of different shows. Just like the others, you can stream or download the series.

They kept updating the user about the recent releases and recommended them according to their choice. 

Cartoon Network:

Dive in your childhood memories with the ever-known Cartoon Network. Being OG in the field most famous, they have a massive collection of cartoons and animation. They give you complete access to all their cartoon shows, including new and old animated ones. Their website is very children-friendly; kids and adults can spend a wonderful time streaming from there.

Cartoon Crazy:

We are discussing another fantastic alternative for watchcartoonsonline. You can surf in cartoon crazy if you are looking for dubbed anime or animation. They have a vast library of anime and animation, around 12 million cartoon anime lovers visit monthly. Cartoon crazy is crazily famous in many countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia. 


9Anime is a user-friendly website known for its feature of suggestions. 9Anime recommends those anime that you haven’t even known. This keeps anime fans motivated to complete all of them undisturbed.

Their website interface is easy, and it keeps itself updated about all the new releases in time.


Nickelodeon, another nostalgic hit, has also been around for a long time. Their shows were always known for entertaining and informative for kids. It also can be an excellent alternative of watchcartoonsonline.

You can access all their shows, animation, series, and programs on their website. Their website has a vibrant, accessible, pleasant, and colorful interface. 


AnimRhino offers HD streaming, making them a pretty good alternative for watchcartoonsonline. Animerhino has a primary user interface, where you can search from anime series, cartoon movies, anime animations, whatever you want to see. They are also providing a watch later feature; you can use this option to save any show you might watch later. 

Monthly traffic on AnimeRhino is about 15 million, mainly from Australia, the USA, the UK, and Canada.

Cartoon On:

Cartoon On has a comprehensive collection of new and old cartoons. With monthly traffic of 5 million, it’s also a popular alternative website among the kids for watchcartoonsonline. 

Although some users don’t find the experience smooth, the website sometimes reroutes to another website.


The most accessible and well-known alternative to watchcartoonsonline for spending quality time on weekends is YouTube; with everything readily available on it, adults and kids can watch cartoons and anime hassle-free. 

Final Words:

WatchCartoonsOnline is a free cartoons and anime streaming website. Whether it’s safe or not, many users find it as a platform with all the movies and shows compiled in a single place. Kids and adults both enjoy this website and mobile app, spending their leisure time watching. But due to strict regulations, many find it challenging to reach this website. We also have compiled some best alternative options for watchcartoonsonline.