Who is Josie Canseco? Early life, career, lifestyle, social media, and some interesting facts about Josie Canseco in 2022

Josie Canseco is the daughter of three times MVP baseball legend Jose Canseco. The Biggest social media influencer, American fashion icon, Model, and internet sensation Josie Canseco was born on 5 November 1996 in the Western region of Florida, USA. Did you know that Josie Canseco is the name of the biggest brand, Victoria secret? She had worked with Victoria’s secret as a model. 

The Internet  Diva is turning 25 in 2022. Josie had worked hard to become the fastest-growing model in the USA.  You must be wondering what Josie is currently doing now? From her early life, career, lifestyle, and social media, we compiled everything about Josie Canseco. Stick to this article to learn some interesting facts and recent model work.

Who are Josie’s Parents and siblings?

Josie Canseco is the kid of a rich dad and the secret of her luxurious lifestyle is her dad’s wealth. Josie is a mixture of American Latin and Christian ethnicity. Josie’s father is a famous baseball player named Josie Canseco. He won the Rookie of the year award in 1986 in his debut season.

The mother of Josie Jessia Canseco used to work at Hooters in Cleveland as a waitress in 1966. According to some reports, Josie’s parents have separated now. The couple has only one daughter named Josie Canseco. Josie has no siblings as their parents got divorced earlier.

After their separation, Jessica worked as a celebrity, and now she works as a supermodel. So we can say that Josie’s modeling talent comes from her mother’s blood. Furthermore, Jessica remarried to Garth fisher, but their marriage didn’t last long, and they got separated in 2011.

Josie Canseco boyfriends,

Josie is picky about her relationships, and she has dated many prominent personalities. We have gathered some of her ex-boyfriend’s lists, and did you know who Josie is currently dating in 2022? Stay with us to know about her current and past relationships.

  • Mike stud 

The relationship between Josie and the musician mike stud lasted for three years. She appeared in many music videos with Mike and on the show, This is Mike Stud. However, the chemistry between Jose and Mike did not last long, and the couple ended up breaking up in 2019.

  • Brody Jenner

Josie Canseco also dated the reality tv star, Brody Jenner. Brody belongs to the most prominent celebrity families. The couple was seen in two tv shows, the hills on MTV and Keeping up with the Kardashians. But the couple ended their relationship on good terms.

  • E-Gazy

After breaking up with Brody, Josie started to set G-Eazy, but again, her relationship didn’t last longer as E-gazy wanted to focus on his career and split after a short fling.

  • Logan paul

Logan Paul is a mega YouTube star Login and Josie made a great couple, and their relationship was pretty severe; however, the couple still parted their ways on 24 November 2020.

Who is the current boyfriend of Josie Canseco?

The actress has not been dating anyone since she ended her relationship with Logan Paul Josie in 2020. However, she has seen many big names. Currently, only she can say who she will date in the future or if she is dating anyone right now, although the reports circulating on social media indicate that she is single.

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Josie Canseco Net worth 

Josie has worked with many brands, and she has appeared in many magazines. The model has wealthy parents, so there is no problem for her if she stops making money, but Josie is dedicated to her work and believes in earning independently. 

She first appeared in a reality tv show known as Hollywood exes with her mother when she was sixteen. However, Josie got an opportunity to become the face of Victoria’s secret model, and she managed to get a net worth of 2 million dollars.


After appearing in the reality tv show, Josie’s career has started. Josie got some great opportunities. She signed agreements with well-known brands such as subsequent management, Victoria’s secret and appeared in recent magazines such as teen vogue and Urban Outfitters. Love Magazine, ELLE – Serbia, and Aeropostale.

Her career is also notable for her appearance in Playboy magazine in 2016, where she revealed her figure in semi-nude poses and was named Miss June in 2016.

The appearance of Josie Canseco 

  • Height -5ft 7 inches
  • Weight- 58kgs
  • Hair color- blonde
  • Eye Color -light blue 
  • Tattoos -two tattoos, one on the wrist and one on the lower back

Facts about Josie Canseco

  • Josie has two dogs named Steve and Ronald.
  • Josie loves to remember her childhood memories and post her memories on Instagram.
  • Angelina Jolie inspires josieFurthermore,
  • Josie loves to watch the comedy of Jim Carrey
  • Jossie had worked with the brand  Anastasia Beverly hills.

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Social media 

Despite having a busy life, she is pretty active on Twitter and Instagram and always gives some time to her fans. On Instagram, she has 498,000 followers, while on Twitter, she has 69,800. some of her social media accounts are as follows click the title to see her accounts


We know that Josie is the daughter of a famous basketball player, but she is generating quite handsome revenue from her modeling career, and we wish her the best of luck for the future. The model is living a lavish lifestyle, and we have covered everything about her in this article. If you want to know about other  celebrities, do visit our website for more spicy and informative content.