Who is Suzette Quintanilla ? Age, Net worth, and Truth about her Life

Suzette Quintanilla is a famous American musician and skillful drummer. She used to work with the band known as Selena y los dinos which was her late sister’s band. Her sister Selena was famous in the music industry and known as the queen of Tejano music.

When Suzette’s sister was murdered, she ended her music career as she was disappointed with the world. Many people are curious to know about the mysterious life of Suzette. Who murdered her sister Selena? And what is the net worth of Suzette?

Keep reading this article to learn some exciting facts about Suzette Quintanilla’s life and her Biography.

What is Suzette Quintanilla doing now?

After ending her music career, Suzette is now the Producer and CEO of her father’s Latin company known as Q-Production.Inc. In addition to producing, she operates a museum named after her late sister Selena’s museum located in Corpus Christi, Texas. She launched a new Netflix series called “Selena,” which was truly inspired by the tragic life of her sister.

About Suzette Quintanilla

Suzette was born on June 29, 1967. She is 54 years old. Following American nationality, her birthplace is lake Jackson Texas, United States. She is a Cherokee native American with an ethnicity of Mexican and Spanish. She is a married young woman popularly known as an actress, producer, American drummer, and musician. Suzette is indeed an ambitious woman and has gained a lot in her career; however, she hasn’t revealed her education institutions yet.

Family of Suzette Quintanilla

She is the daughter of Abraham Quintanilla, an American singer, and Marcella Samara, a housewife. A.B Quintanilla III is her brother, and Selena Quintanilla is her late sister.

What does Suzette’s father do?

Suzette’s father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr, is a songwriter and executive producer of a biographical film about Suzette’s life in 1997. He was also the record producer of a company known as Q production.Inc is now in the hands of Suzette’s Quintanilla.

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  • Appearance 

She is such a graceful lady with brown coffee and shiny black eyes. she has a youthful smile. Her Weight is 68 kgs with a height of 5 fit 8 inches.

  • Social media handles

She is active on her social media account, and her follower on different social media handles are mentioned below:

  • Twitter: 6.8k followers
  • Facebook: 334k followers
  • Instagram: 601k followers

Suzette Quintanilla Sister, Selena Quintanilla

Suzette’s younger sister, Selena, was a famous Latin artist, and she had sold thirty million records around the globe. The life of Selena was tremendous, and she was on the verge of fame but murdered by the president of her club named Yolanda Saldivar.

She was a big name in the Latin music industry and a great songwriter, fashion icon, actress, model, and businesswoman. People still miss the queen of Tejano music as she was one of the most famous Mexican and American pop stars in the 20th century.

Suzette Quintanilla Son and husband 

Suzette married Bill Ariga in 1995.Bill does not have such a strong presence on social media. According to a recent interview, she said met bill when she went by his house with rod once 

She is also a proud mother of a son named John ariga. Suzanne keeps her family out of the media to keep their identities private. The couple, who have been married 25 years, celebrated their anniversary this past September. The couple currently lives in the US and lives a happy married life.

Suzette Quintanilla Net Worth

Suzette’s Quintanilla’s net worth will be around 5 million dollars in 2021. Her source of income these days is mainly from the production company and her singing career; however, she is living a luxurious life. Although she has amassed a good deal of money, she prefers to live a modest life.

Facts about Suzette Quintanilla’s life

  • How did Suzette’s Sister Selena Quintanilla die?

Suzette had a great bond with her sister Selena. The sweet sister used to work in their band. One day when Selena was in a hotel for her musical height, she was found shot in her back and expired at the moment. After this tragic incident, her murderer Saldivar gave herself to the police. Saldivar used to help Selena in her dressing and makeup, but she claimed in a trial that it was not her intention to kill Selena. 

However, according to some news, her only reason to kill Selena was discrepancies in the financial records. Suzette was shocked by her sister’s death as she loved her from heart and soul. After Selena’s death, she decided to open a clothing, jewelry, and perfume range in her sister’s name. She even gave up her band and devoted her whole life to the memory of her late sister Selena Quintanilla.

  • Conclusion

The following is a comprehensive review of Suzette Quintanilla’s life and biography, and we hope Suzette fans will find it helpful. If you want to know more, let us know in the comment section.