Who is Taylor Dooley? Age, Height, Early Life, Facts, and Professional life

The famous  American actress popular for her role in Lava girl from the adventures of Sharkboy is Taylor Dooley. She is known as a beauty with the brain because of her magnificent acting skills, Gorgeous look, and comic timings. Taylor was always interested in showbiz, so she started learning acting at the age of Five.

Taylor always tried to fulfil her and worked hard for it. She joined Phoenix theatre to polish her acting skill. Her life became entirely changed when she shifted into Los Angeles with her parents. Taylor got offers from different TV shows and films. 

Later she was selected in The adventure of Sharkboy as a  lava girl in the mid-2000s. After gaining immense popularity from this film, she got many offers from big productions, but she carefully chose her role mode and became prominent in the Hollywood industry.

The Early life of Taylor Dooley

In Michigan 1993 Feb 26, The beauty Icon Taylor Dooley was born. She grew up in the non-Hollywood industry. Taylor has one younger brother named drew. The early life of Taylor was joyful because she was more interested in acting only at the age of five. Her parents were supportive throughout the whole journey of Taylor. 

Taylor is the example of when you desire to achieve your dream, and nobody can stop you from fulfilling them. She participated in beauty pageants contests and became the winner of those events as a child.

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As we all know, talent comes from more and more practice. So Taylor’s parents sensed their daughter’s talent and got her admission to Phoenix theatre for professional acting and dancing training.

Why did Taylor Dooley leave Hollywood?

Taylor revealed in an interview that Sometimes life becomes complicated when you don’t enjoy your life as a child and always do work. She said that her experience with Hollywood was great as acting was her passion.

Her parents advised her to take a break from Hollywood life and enjoy life just for a little bit as a kid. Taylor’s parent’s advice was somehow correct. Childhood won’t come back, and you will miss those fascinating years. They even said that “you have just a few years left, so maybe you enjoy that.”

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Taylor was a bit sad about leaving her acting career because it was her biggest dream to pursue her career. But eventually, she realized that the childhood era would never come after she made friends, graduated, and married her soulmate.

Some personal information about Taylor Dooley

So here we have compiled some information about Taylor’s personal life.

  • Height : 5feet 3 inches 
  • Weight : 55 kgs
  • Birthplace : Grosse Pointe, Michigan, United States
  • Hair colour : Blonde
  • Religion : Christian 
  • Ethnicity : White
  • Nationality : American
  • Age : 28 years old
  • Eye Colour : Brown
  • Brother : Drew Dooley
  • Sister : Not revealed yet
  • Father : John Dooley
  • Mother : Debbie Dooley
  • Marital status : Married
  • Husband : Justin Cassetta
  • Daughter: Adaline Joan Cassetta
  • Son : Jack Alexander Cassotta
  • Nickname : Tayboo

Taylor Dooley education and career

Taylor studied at Valencia high school, and she is currently an actress, TV star, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. The famous lava girl is now back in Hollywood, and Now she played a role in Rodriguez’s new fantasy adventure movie, We Can Be Heroes in 2020.

Taylor is still working in many films, and she collaborated as the model with big names like Disney superstar kid, Ashley clothing line, Honda Odyssey, and many more.

What is the net worth and source of income of Taylor Dooley?

The estimated net worth of Taylor Dooley is around 3 million dollars by 2022; however, we can not tell the exact amount from her earnings. The best advantage for actresses is getting their source of income from collaborating with different brands for advertising. 

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However the same goes for Taylor Dooley. She gets her top portion of Income through different films, series, social media handles, and working with brands. The primary source of Taylor’s income is her modelling career. 

A beauty pageant has worked with modelling agencies and lived a luxurious life due to her appearance and acting abilities.

Facts about Taylor Dooley

We all know that celebrities are famous not just for acting but also for their habits and lifestyle. Celebrities love, inspire fans to follow their lifestyle. Some interesting facts about Taylor Dooley are mentioned below:

  • She is a health freak

We all know that the secret of an ever-green body and appearance is a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Taylor is very concerned about her health and always loves to workout and eat a healthy diet. According to her, a person needs to take care of themselves by following health rituals like taking a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Taylor is very strict about her health, which is the only reason for her flexible body and glowing skin. Furthermore, she often shares healthy diet plans and workout ideas on her social media account.

  • She is a brand ambassador. 

Taylor has 230,000 followers on her Instagram, and that’s why brands approached her so much for promotion. She is currently working with many brands and is the ambassador of doterra.

  • She was a psychology student.

After taking a break from her acting career, Taylor decided to study psychology. We can expect that she had chosen this degree to explore more in her acting career and easily understand different actors’ psychology. Psychology helped Taylor become more prominent and confident while doing different roles.


Taylor Dooley is indeed the best actor and motivation for all of us. She is also a great mother and wife. We can learn one thing from Taylor Dooley: we should also take a break from our work life and give importance to our family and educational career. Sometimes it’s good to have fun with friends and enjoy your childhood and teenage life. If we are missing anything about Taylor, let us know in the comments below.