Xbox Series Connecting a Bluetooth Headset with the Console

Attaching a gaming headset to your Xbox series X or S can transform your gaming experience.

Gaming headsets deliver immersive sound and allow you to communicate with other players using your voice.

Although wireless headsets offer a greater degree of freedom than wired ones, most require a USB dongle in order to remove the cable.

What is the deal with the Xbox Series X/S consoles versus the Bluetooth headsets, you ask?

Bluetooth Headsets Can Be Used?

According to How To Geek, Microsoft did not support Bluetooth headsets when the Xbox Series was released.

This means your Bluetooth headset cannot be used to connect directly to your Xbox console, or controller.

You can connect a Bluetooth headset to your controller’s stereo jack (3.5mm). If you use a Bluetooth transmitter such as Uberwith Bluetooth Xbox One Transmitter, this will transmit the audio.

This solution must be charged periodically and does not support headset microphones. Instead, the transmitter will contain a microphone.

It is also best to avoid Bluetooth transmitters that are made by third-party vendors. These devices can cause latency, which can be very distracting in single-player games. You could be at a disadvantage when you play with others.

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How to Connect Your Headset

Low-latency USB dongles are the best option for wireless headsets that work with Xbox consoles. This is responsible for wireless audio transmission.

The Xbox VR headset has been cancelled. These headset models, such as the Steelseries Arctis 9x, can be used for now.

Although some gaming headsets have Bluetooth support (e.g. the SteelSeries), this should not be considered a replacement for your gaming console.

You can connect your headset to the stereo jack of your controller if it does not support wireless connections via its USB dongle.

Although this is not wireless, the cable from the controller to the headset runs much shorter than running a cable through your living room.

Mashable says to keep your controller close at hand in case you have to use it.

Buying Xbox-Compatible Headsets

Make sure the headset you purchase is compatible with your Xbox. You can browse the Microsoft store to find compatible headsets.

You can also order a wireless headset for your Xbox.

The Turtle Beach Recon 500 Wired Gaming headset is one of the best.The headset has padded ears that provide comfort and audio precision.

Razer Kaira Wireless Headset is also available. You can enjoy the crisp, clear audio and long-lasting comfort. You can also get the Bang & Olufsen Portal Headset. This gaming headset has a beautiful aesthetic that makes them easily wearable.

It is loaded with easy-to-use gaming functions. The headset has stable connectivity that is ideal for mobile gaming, and Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound for immersive gaming.

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