Yuliana Grasman aka AfraWorld continues to set the standard as a Gamer

Yuliana Grasman aka Afra World known in the world of motorsports as Afra, has captivated thousands of people thanks to her facet as a gamer. The champion of drifting in the United Arab Emirates, ventured into the universe of video games facing the challenge in Hajwala.

What is known as Hajwala consists of a style of skidding that takes place on the street, at a speed of over 200 km/h. Although this type of race is not legal in real life, in video games it is a very popular option. Additionally, in this type of drift, the most expert players show off some tricks that dazzle the spectators.

Conquering the universe of gamers

Afra, thanks to her charisma, dedication and control of her steering wheel, has managed to conquer thousands of people in a short time as a gamer.

Yuliana has managed to bring her own style to Hajwala competitions, creating bonds of friendship with other players and providing entertainment to her fans and lovers of this virtual competition.

Through her videos and live streams, Afra has become one of the most followed and most viewed people on the web world. And it is that the champion is not limited to competing overcoming really challenging scenarios in the video game, she is also dedicated to performing original and unique tricks, which have become the greatest attraction for the online audience.

Afra style Hajwala tricks

In addition to being the only woman to become a gamer thanks to Hajwala, Yuliana outdoes herself every chance she gets. To offer her audience a higher level of entertainment and advance the video game, the champion has created a series of unique tricks.

In her live streams, Yuliana can be seen driving her virtual car with one hand and one foot on the accelerator pedal, while her other hand holds her other foot in the air. This is just one example of what the champion can achieve in this high-level competition.

Afra’s growing popularity as a gamer and as a figure in the web world is largely due to her skill as a host and her undeniable charisma in front of the screens.

On the other hand, this set of skills must also be added to the creativity of the gamer, who constantly surprises her audience with new tricks, more complex and more challenging than the previous ones.

A champion in all fields

As a result of her dedication, effort and discipline, Yuliana has managed to position herself as a significant figure in different fields or scenarios. By becoming the first woman to win the drifting competition in the United Arab Emirates, she managed to open the doors to many other girls who wanted to enter this environment.

She has now dedicated herself to dominating the virtual courts, achieving wide acceptance by other players and entering the hearts of the public. This has given her the opportunity to present the Hajwala video game in Assetto Corsa to the entire world, from a different, entertaining and extremely attractive point of view.

We are sure that we will see many more successes in the way of Afra, as well as many other Hajwala tricks.

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