Yungtye22 dropping new music and snipplet soon we can’t wait!! HOTTEST IN THE CITY

Artist from Camden Nj Azaan Tidwell rap name goes by YungTye22 will be dropping hits on top off hits. Working with Artist @kamnasty and other big artist in the city. Azaan use to play football back in 2013-2014, His stage name goes by yungtye22 most people call him azaan but, Yungtye22 is from Camden Nj is a rapper and a singer also a songwriter. Love to make music for the people and pain songs to help other people who go through things and depression. He has been rapping for 2 years now and just now getting noticed in the city

Bookings for features or shows

Some we know all too well, like the songs don’t sell as well they used to, and that mixtapes are where most of the good music is. But as the new reality of the genre and the industry continues to change shape, there are new laws of the land coming into focus. And some of them haven’t been discussed or understood enough to be common knowledge.

Meanwhile, there’s some songs coming soon but received wisdom still has a different vibe from any other artist. Has a lot of snippets and songs coming soon but doesn’t have a date when his new single is coming out:

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